Why France

Discover France as a great place to conduct R&D, with a startup-friendly ecosystem in a central location in Europe.

The place to conduct R&D

  1. Research tax credit covering 30% of eligible annual R&D expenses incurred in France.
  2. For every sector, there is a specialized competitiveness cluster that fits your business.
  3. 4 of the top 15 institutions on Reuters 2017 "World’s Most Innovative Research Institutions" list: CEA (2nd), CNRS (8th), Inserm (9th), Pasteur Institute (15th).
  4. Opportunities for partnerships with research labs and academic teams. CNRS works with more than 1200 startup and CEA has more than 500 Industrial Partnerships and 187 spinoffs.


Startup friendly


France is among the simplest countries in which to create a company: 5 administrative procedures and 4 days.


The "Innovative New Company" (JEI) status provides some corporate, local and social tax exemptions to hire a high-skilled workforce.


France is the #2 European VC ecosystem and has dynamic equity crowdfunding platforms for investments up to 2.5 million euros.

Welcome Pack

The "French Tech Ticket" laureates receive a 45,000€ grant, a 1 year visa and 12 months in an incubator.

Centrally located in Europe

  1. France offers quick and easy access to neighboring countries and has the second largest high speed train network: Paris-Brussels in 1.5 hours, Paris-London in 2.5 hours and Paris-Amsterdam in 3.5 hours.
  2. Paris-Charles De Gaulle is the largest European airport for cargo and France offers Europe’s leading road network.
  3. The European Single Market boasts more than 500 million consumers with high purchasing power.
  4. France is Europe’s second largest consumer market.


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