Startups 2015

2015 Winners

Admetsys, Boston, MA

Admetsys is transforming how healthcare professional treat diabetes which currently costs 245 billion in the United States. The company’s solution lies within their product, a first-of-its-kind artificial pancreas for hospitals and surgical care.


Bractlet – Austin, TX

The company has created an energy monitoring software and device maker so that property owners utilize the energy that they require.


ComboApp – Chicago, IL

ComboApp has effectively transformed the mobile marketing arena. Combo App is unique in the fact that, they aid an app at any stage in its life-cycle. Ultimately, this approach had led the firm to work


Disease Diagnostic Group- Boston, MA

A portable and reusable devises that diagnoses and identifies fatal diseases such as malaria.



FGC Plasma Solutions – Case Western Reserve University in Ohio

FGC Plasma Solutions is working on a revolutionary fuel injector for jet engines and gas turbines for the power generation industry.



Menon Laboratories – Sommerville, MA

The company has developed a unique water treatment solution utilizing titanium dioxide.


MCC Global Laboratories- Beverly, MA

A single-use diffuser that creates an electronics-friendly, bio degradable cloud that fills the entire space and destroys even the most resistant microbes on all exposed surfaces.


NuCurrent – Chicago, IL

NuCurrent developed a breakthrough in novel structures for low resistance antennas. Today our team continues to break ground in wireless power, with unmatched expertise in the industry.


Oncolinx – Boston, MA

Oncolinx is developing the next generation of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)–powerful, targeted cancer therapies that are more effective and have dramatically fewer side effects than current methods of cancer treatment.


Hookit- Solana Beach, CA

Since 2010 Hookit has been implemented in order to predict an accurate ROI from sponsorships. Influential companies such as Monster, GoPro, Toyota, IMG, and NBC Sports attest to the utility of this platform.


Virtual.PYXIS – Chicago,IL

Virtual.PYXIS is a structural topology optimization software recommended for engineers and designers who need to design innovative components and assemblies with reduced mass.