Startups 2014

2014 Winners

DatatheoremDATA THEOREM – San Francisco, CA

Data Theorem scans mobile application for security issues and data privacy flaws.

effortlessenenergyEFFORTLESS ENERGY – Chicago, IL

Effortless Energy pays for smart home upgrades like better insulation and sealing air leaks, helping keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

eGenesisEGENESIS – Boston, MA

eGenesis tries to harness advances in genome engineering and stem cell technologies to create transplantable tissues to provide robust and potentially curative treatments for damages or diseased organs.

fiverunFIVERUN – San Francisco, CA

Fiverun brings the Apple Store shopping experience as a SaaS platform for retailers.

KedzohKEDZOH- San Francisco, CA

Kedzoh helps companies build communities of success by letting a manager quickly and easily create a lesson (online or on a mobile device) and distribute that lesson to all of their employees who can then take that lesson on their mobile phones anytime anywhere.

LikardaLIKARDA – Kansas City, KA

Likarda is producing a cell-based therapy that can be transplanted via injection into the bone cavity once and replace the need for daily injections, freeing diabetic pets from the disease and improving the quality of life for them and their owners.


NBD develops functional hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings and additives used in a variety of applications ranging from improving efficiency of industrial condenser to durable anti-biofouling paints to functional additives for specialty polymers.

PathMaker Neurosystems Inc.PATHMAKER NEUROSYSTEMS Inc. – Boston, MA

PathMaker Neurosystems Inc. is a neuromodulation company applying leading-edge non-invasive neuromodulation technology to the treatment of patients with paralysis, muscle weakness, and neuromotor disorders.

QwalyticsQWALYTICS – San Francisco, CA

Qwalytics is a simple and efficient way to access enterprise data, with all the advantages of a web app.

Sinode systemsSINODE SYSTEMS – Chicago, IL

SiNode Systems has invented a new class of advanced materials for Li-on batteries that can provide the required step change in battery energy and power density to enable greater adoption of electric vehicles, all while utilizing a cost effective and scalable technology.

Symic BiomedicalSYMIC BIOMEDICAL – San Francisco, CA

Symic Biomedical has developed a compound that protects the vessel during AVF surgery, limiting the scarring response and helping the AVF heal more naturally.

Terraverdae BioworksTERRAVERDAE BIOWORKS – Boston, MA

TerraVerdae Bioworks is an industrial biotechnology company developing a bioprocess and bioproducts such as biodegradable materials and biobased chemicals for the agricultural, automotive, personal care and industrial markets from single carbon feedstocks, such as methane and methanol.

VoxyVOXY – New York, NY

Voxy is a personalized and adaptive language learning company that uses sophisticated technology, live tutors, and state-of-the-science pedagogical principles to teach English learners worldwide.